GPR – Global Pandemic Rescue

The GPR Group was founded in early 2020. It is an association of health experts, entrepreneurs, consultants and investors. Our mission: the rapid, professional procurement of personal protective equipment to effectively fight the COVID-19 virus.

We help governments and the healthcare sector to procure PPE at fair, human prices.



We are in the midst of a global pandemic that is affecting everyone around the world. Public health systems and national economies are under increasing pressure from the effects of the virus.

In these unprecedented times, the procurement of PPE plays a fundamentally important role for society as a whole. Every day we receive positive feedback from customers whose supply chains we are successfully serving under difficult circumstances.

Our access to top quality producers, our 100% reliable logistics, and our fair/humane product prices make us the best possible partners in these uncertain times.

We are your expert, reliable partners in the fight against the coronavirus crisis – contact us!